The Menstrual Cycle

Everything happens in cycles.

  The seasons shift reliably through a cycle and so do day and night. Pregnancy and birth have a reliable cycle. Even a contraction has a cycle. But two of the most discussed cycles of the world share a rhythm more often than not: the cycle of the moon and a menstrual cycle. Is there … Read more

Legs Up The Wall Pose

Ebbs and Flows – Tips to Identify and Resolve

It has become apparent to me that I have major ebbs and flows when it comes to my own creativity. I have been doing this social media/blogger/influencer thing for awhile now and throughout the years I have stumbled and fallen but through those failures I have learned a lot about myself and how I can … Read more

Yoga for Kids - Fair Theme

Yoga for Kids- Fair Theme

Even though we are still in a pandemic and can’t attend the Fair in person, why not do a Fair-Themed Yoga for Kids experience!  We may not be able to experience the smells, sights and sounds of the fair this year, but we can still celebrate in our own ways. The following is one of … Read more

Benefits of Being Outdoors

Here are 11 benefits of being outdoors.

Recently I was feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed. Naturally with life being the way it is right now I was noticing I was feeling extremely disconnected to people. I was feeling sad and lonely even though I had my kids around me 24/7 and my husband present more than most families. I realized that … Read more

Avoid Vacation Slump

Need a Vacation After Your Vacation?

Have you ever returned from your vacation feeling anxious and overwhelmed with all you have to do? Do you leave your vacation with a pit in your stomach thinking of all those things you may need to jump right back into? Well I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. This is not … Read more

Emily Kirkwood, NFP

Natural family planning? What is that?

  This blog post is about Natural Family Planning.  My good friend, Emily Kirkwold, has been practicing Natural Family Planning for several years.  She shares this valuable information with us. Emily Kirkwold, Natural Family Planning EmiIy became a natural family planning educator after natural family planning changed her life. She was taking birth control pills … Read more

Menstrual Period Pain

Yoga to Alleviate Period Pain

I try and create content that my followers need and are looking for and lately I’ve been asked often how to find comfort for cramps. The question is, “Is there a yoga available to alleviate period pain?” I hear ya, having that monthly reminder that we are woman can be daunting but instead of shunning … Read more

Placenta Encapcelation

Placenta Encapsulation – Tree of Life

What do you know about placenta encapsulation?  This is something I’d heard of before but I never really understood what it meant and why people did it. Ariel Ewefada and I met through Instagram and I was immediately drawn to her beautiful family and her stories regarding what she did as a doula, placenta encapsulator … Read more


Self-Care For Mommies on Mother’s Day

Self Care never goes out of style, even in the middle of a Pandemic.  It’s safe to say Mother’s Day looks a lot different this year compared to previous years. Even more reason to give mom’s some tender loving self-care. Mom’s have many duties throughout the day. From crying kids, wiping butts, cooking, cleaning, and … Read more

Birth with doula assistance

What to Expect When Hiring a Doula

  As an expectant mom, do you know what to expect when hiring a doula?  Today I am featuring someone on my blog that I recently connected with. As a prenatal yoga instructor, I work closely with expecting moms. I know there are many questions about labor and delivery and, even though I’ve had 3 kids … Read more