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Amy Bizal

Amy Bizal

Hello, I’m Amy Bizal. I am a busy mom to 3 and a wife to one of the most supportive men I know. My life can be a little hectic sometimes but I have found that embracing the chaos makes things go a lot smoother.

When I became a mom I struggled with feeling like I had lost myself. When in reality I hadn’t, I was still the same old me but I had a lot more to worry about. I found that I just needed to find what filled up my heart and soul and make me feel like me again. I turned to things like the asana practice of yoga and focused on my inner self with meditation and pranayama. It wasn’t long before I not only felt like myself again but I was a new and even improved self. When I focused on things that made me feel whole and healthy I was a happier wife, more patient mom, and had tools that allowed me to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

I became pregnant again and immediately knew I wanted to incorporate prenatal yoga into my life. I went once a week for 9 months. Because I did, my pregnancy was more manageable both mentally and physically and my delivery was more swift and “easy” if you could ever call it that. If I hadn’t participated in prenatal yoga, I firmly believe my pregnancies would have been a lot different.

When I noticed this lifestyle starting to flow over into my family and my friends and benefit them, I knew I needed to continue to help others and made the choice to become a yoga instructor. I saw the benefit my kids were experiencing in the ability to regulate their emotions and implement breathing techniques when they got worked up. I knew if I brought these same techniques into a class that incorporated parents and children, others would be able to benefit and implement them into everyday life as well.

I am a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and am a Green Lotus certified kid yoga instructor.