App Yoga Classes

I am beyond excited to announce that I have been invited to produce some of my private yoga classes as a guest instructor on Kayla Brugger's app!!!!

Coming in the middle of December you will be able to access my yoga classes on Pilates Body On Demand! This app has a variety of Pilates classes, from glutes and core to postpartum and expecting mamas, this is an app that I know will align with my followers. She not only offers tons of her own classes, Kayla has also invited other guest instructors to offer classes as well. Get into the app now and you will soon have access to so much more!

I will be starting with trimester specific classes and move onto common issues you may find in pregnancy and beyond. You can join now and get the first month for FREE!

Create an account and use my promo code: ABWYOGA at checkout to get your first month for free.