Powerful Pregnancy Yoga Course for a Better Birth

This diverse prenatal yoga course, includes tailor-made classes which will help you find connection, movement, and knowledge assisting in preparation for labor and birth.

Powerful Prenatal Course

Although this course is for all trimesters, it is great for the later stages of pregnancy because it focuses on specific movements that help prepare your body for labor and provide you with tools that you will use in labor like breath work and laboring positions. This course will not only help you find comfort in your pregnant body but will give you a sense of empowerment that will set you up for the birth you envision for yourself.

Course Layout

Intro Video: Yoga Props and How To Use Them
1st Class: Baby & I Are Working Together
2nd Class: Pain vs Fear
3rd Class: Protecting The Perineum
4th Class: Surrender In Birth
5th Class:Breath Work For Labor & Birth
6th Class: Pregnancy & Postpartum Mental Health
7th Class:  Ready For Labor & Birth
8th BONUS CLASS: Couples Class

This is a bundle so your access provides SO MUCH MORE!

The bundle is looking truly amazing. It’s a collection of 60+ ebooks, courses and guides that will sell for only $50. If bought separately, everything in the bundle would cost $6,671.82 (USD) in total, making the offer an incredible 99% discount! It’s unbelievable to see how much value we all have contributed to creating this mind-blowing resource. We are all super excited to do this together with you!

There is literally everything in the bundle! Here are all the topics covered:

  • Yoga programs for all levels

  • Pilates classes for all levels

  • Home and outdoor workouts

  • Healthy food recipes

  • Smoothie & juicing recipes

  • Breathing workshops

  • Mobility exercises

  • Chakra alignment programs

  • Flexibility guides

  • Guided meditation classes

  • Energy healing classes

  • Manifestation workshops

  • Advance asana courses

  • Self-love guides

  • Self-reflection guides

  • Fun yoga challenges

  • Women's health guides

  • Handstand courses

  • Contortion training

  • Self care activities

  • Feminine rituals

  • Menstrual cycle series

  • And so much more!