Prenatal and Postnatal Course

I teamed up with my friend, Dr. Jess with Chiro For Moms, to bring you an informative course to help you deal with all the pregnancy-induced, pain related issues. We will be bringing you everything from pelvic instability to sciatic pain during pregnancy and Diastis Recti to pelvic floor recovery postpartum. There is even a section all about pediatric care. You can find info on tongue-tie, ear infection, and also how to deal with baby’s gas.

Dr. Jesse has WORKED hard to get this course together and I am honored to be a part of it. I am beyond excited to be able to help so many women with simple and quick yoga poses to use to help aid in health and comfort.

This course is great for many reasons but one of the top being an easy and convenient way to access pain-relieving techniques from the comfort of your home at an affordable rate that doesn't  just stop at the first time you use it but keeps giving with additional nutrition support for all stages, the Webster technique/Spinning babies, interviews from 8 different medical professionals, and pediatric care once baby arrives. Once you purchase you will have access to all of this for life.

Women need very specific stretches, guidance and information related to their pain and prenatal/postpartum care; in addition to pediatric care related to the biomechanical needs of babies. This course offers yoga exercises, stretches, medical expertise and resources/tools for all phases of perinatal care- in addition to the pediatric needs of babies during the 4th trimester

Some of the topics you'll find in this course include:


Round ligament pain

Sciatica pain

Pubic Symphysis pain

Diaphram + heartburn/ rib pain

Lower back pain


Diastasis Recti

Upper back-neck-torticollis pain

Shoulder pain


Tail bone pain


Gassiness/reflux in babies

Ear infections

Tongue tie

Torticollis-neck stiffness

Sleep/postpartum doula help

The introductory rate is $77 for the first 2 weeks and then will increase in rate after that.  You can conveniently purchase by clicking the link below. If you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact me.