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Guest: Julie Wenzlick, P & W Design

Ever heard of the Sunday scaries? What about the end of summer scaries? 

Here in the Midwest, the hint of crisp fall air and apples brings a change in routines. School may be starting, you may be going back to the office, or your kids might be starting all the activities again. Change in schedules can feel overwhelming…. First thing you need to do, take a breath and know that in a few weeks, things will feel more manageable. After you take a breathe, think about implementing one or two of the following ideas:

  • Plan your schedule every Sunday and set aside an hour or two to organize the following week. Have multiple kids, volunteering activities and work commitments? Draw a grid with the days of the week at the top, and the individuals you need to plan down the left have side. Then fill in their activities so you can see it all on one page (see a sample below from a planner client of mine).


  • Meal Plan: Think about planning your meals ahead and ordering groceries online! I personally plan 1-2 breakfast options, 1-2 lunch options and dinners and schedule easy dinners for nights with activities. If you are really pressed for time during the week, cook a few of your proteins for dinner on Sundays and Wednesday’s (if you can) so that you are only cooking longer two nights a week! Will your family eat leftovers? Cook extra! Finally, prep your veggies and fruits on Sundays as well so that you have a quick grab a go option of healthy snack alternatives.
  • Nightly Reset: Come up with a good evening routine – lay your kids school supplies out, make your own personal to-do list for the next day, wash your water bottles out, and finally take the last 10 minutes of the night for yourself (meditation or stretching) to calm your cortisol levels down and get ready for sleep.
  • Schedule your daily top 3 items:  When our schedules change and you feel like you are running all over the place, I cannot stress enough how empowering it is to get your daily top 3 scheduled (personal or business). Heading into the week wondering how you are going to get it all done? Take out a piece of paper and list out everything you need to get done for the week – then, take from that list and schedule your top 3 tasks each day. When you get concentrated time tackle those tasks first!


Need help with planning and don’t know where to start? Head over to @pwplanners Instagram, in the link in the bio there is a free download for a time blocking printable planner page to help visually see where you need to be and how you can block your time for the week or download here.

Remember, give yourself time to adjust to the new schedule and know that everything won’t be perfect! Remove your expectations and know that things will adjust over time.


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