Pelvic Floor Health – Important Information

Pelvic Floor Health

Do you associate pelvic floor health with a healthy pregnancy and recovery? Pregnancy, labor, birth, and recovery are some of the biggest challenges a woman’s body faces throughout her life.  When I was pregnant with my children, I realized how much we women don’t know about our bodies as we go through our body changes … Read more

15 Interview Questions to Ask a Birth Doula

How 2 Moms Doula

Guest Blog:  Stephanie Sinclair, Founder/Owner of How 2 Mom What’s a good way to find the right fit for your birth team?…. So you’re considering adding a Doula to your birth team…YAY!  We’re thrilled you are doing more research about this, and we first encourage you to interview a few individuals to find the right fit … Read more

Keeping Your Health Through The Holidays

Healthy Holidays

Keeping your health through the holidays. What does that even look like for you? Do you feel like that is attainable or do you go into the holiday’s knowing you will be gaining weight and bloat? If you are anything like me, then you go into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years with good intentions to stay … Read more